Psychosis study with the primate brain

How can we find the cognitive ciruits & the mechanisms of schizophrenia with the primate brain?

We are investigating how the primates recognize reality to make the right decision based on the environmental condition.

On-going projects
  • Investigating how the primates recognize the salience
  • Studying the brain circuit mechanisms to understand the primate memory retrieval process
  • fMRI and single-unit recording studies to find the primate brain areas involved in the positive, negative and cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia patients
  • Examining the differences of Schizophrenia patients in salience behavior
  • Applying the primate brain mechanisms to schizophrenia patients
  • Finding the best treatment mechanisms based on the primate cognitive behavior and brain mechanisms

Who are in this project?

SM Paeng & YS Ra

This project is supported by Neurological Disorder Research Program, National Research Foundation in Korea.